Chambolle Musigny

Chambolle-Musigny is a commune in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France. It is one of the wine villages situated on the Côte-d'Or escarpment, and is one of the twelve Côte d'Or communes of France Red wines only - Pinot Noir Production surface area : Area under production* : 1 hectare (ha) = 10,000 m2 = 24 ""ouvrées"" 152.23 ha (including 56.23 ha Premier Cru Wine Characteristics : Chambolle-Musigny is a red wine, often regarded as the most « feminine » wine of the Côte de Nuits ; its intensity and delicacy express themselves with elegance and subtlety. To the eye, it presents a bright ruby hue with luminous highlights. It may darken a little over time but with no loss of impact. Its bouquet, easily recognisable, is composed of violet and small red fruits (raspberry, strawberry). With further aging it tends towards spiced ripe fruits and prune, or towards truffle, underbrush and animal notes. Rich, fragrant and complex, it lines the palate with silk and lace. Its delicate but fleshy texture in no way detracts from its solid and durable structure. On the sweet side with little trace of acidity, its tannins remain silky-smooth.

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