Cotes De Beaune

The Côte de Beaune begins just a few miles south of Nuits Saint-Georges, around the village of Ladoix. The Côte de Beaune appellation is given to wines coming from the city of Beaune but also from 16 villages around Beaune such as Auxey-Duresses, Chassagne-Montrachet, Ladoix, Saint-Romain and Savigny les Beaune. Red Côte de Beaune are noticeable for their aroma and their warm bouquet. They have a tendency to a slightly lighter body and a quicker maturation than the Côtes de Nuits. The white wines of Côte de Beaune are straw-yellow, robust, thick and smooth, very dry. Côte de Beaune Villages is a different appellation. Wines from all the Côte de Beaune area can substitute their local appellation with this regional type of appellation. Côte de Beaune wine information : Appellation: Appellation Côte de Beaune Controlée Location: In the Beaune "mountain" Place: Beaune and 16 villages Soil: Limestone Size: 35 ha (85 acres) Production: 170,000 bottles 2/3: red - 1/3: white Grapes: Red: Pinot Noir White: Chardonnay Type of wines: Light fruity red wine white wine Age: 2 to 5 years Vintages: Aromas: Red: Raspberry White: White flowers Grapefruit Beaune and Food: Burgundy snails Cheese: Cantal Coulommiers Emmental Munster Reblochon

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