There are only red wines in Pommard. They are among the most tannic and robust wines in Burgundy, much stronger than Beaune and Volnay close-by wines. Although Pommard is one of the most well-known appellation of the region. Pommard wine information : Appellation: Appellation Pommard Controlée Appellation Pommard Premier Cru Location: Between Beaune and Volnay Place: Pommard Soil: Limestone and red clay Size: 315 ha (780 acres) Production: 1.8 million bottles Only red wine in Pommard! Grapes: Pinot Noir Type of wines: Tannic full-body red wine Age: 5 to 15 years Vintages: Aromas: Black cherry Blackcurrant Musk Pommard and Food: Game Venison Roast red meat Cheese: Livarot

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