Much of Lombardy's wine is sold in Milan and the region. The personal visits of our Daniel Ross secured one of Lombardy's finest wineries,Torti. If you like Pinot Noir then you must try a Pinot Nero from Lombardy. Pinot Noir and Pinot Nero are the same grape. If you purchased the same quality from France it would cost you two to three times as much!

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  1. Buttafuoco Storico, 2010 - D.O.C. by "Fiamberti"

    Buttafuoco Storico, 2010 - D.O.C. by "Fiamberti"


    The Buttafuoco is a unique red wine, which can be produced in only seven towns of the Oltrepò Pavese area. Its uniqueness is due to the peculiar position of the vineyards (sun exposure, soil and micro-climate). It is a warm kind of wine when it comes to taste and smell and it is fairly strong and dark. Its great taste is the result of the aging process which is carried out in oak wood barrels. To protect the quality of this wine many producers have formed a Buttafuoco Storico Club. Only local wineries from the historical area of this wine are admitted as members of the Club. Learn More
  2. Buttafuoco, 2009 D.O.C. by "Fiamberti"

    Buttafuoco, 2009 D.O.C. by "Fiamberti"

    Reg. Price: $19.99

    Now: $17.99

    Buttafuoco is a wine only made in an area in Lombardy.

    Grapes: Barbera, Croatina, Uva Rara ,and Ughetta di Canneta.

    Aged in oak barrels. Learn More
  3. Pinot Nero, 2009  Torti

    Pinot Nero, 2009 Torti

    Reg. Price: $22.00

    Now: $18.00

    A elegant 100% Pinot Nero, Noir) Rich well structured powerful .yet still elegant Learn More
  4. Pinot Noir, 2013 by Dino Torti in Lombardia

    Pinot Noir, 2013 by Dino Torti in Lombardia


    Lombardia is the region in Italy with a long association with France. In Italian the grape is called PInot Nero in France Pinot Noir Learn More
  5. Pinot Noir, 2013 D.O.C. O.P. White Vinification, Torti

    Pinot Noir, 2013 D.O.C. O.P. White Vinification, Torti

    Reg. Price: $18.00

    Now: $8.99

    Vinified in white from Pinot Noir grapes, the wine has its antique origins in Burgundy and Champagne. The name is derived from the pinecone shape of the cluster. Present already in the Po Valley in the 1600's. Light golden yellow colour; harmonic perfume, elegant with delicate toasted shades; dry, full, sapid taste. Natural fermentation. Serving temperature 10 - 12 degrees C. Best served with hors d'oeuvres, light openers, fish or egg-based dishes. Learn More

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